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Cervus MMD model (DOWNLOAD) by Pangashka
Cervus MMD model (DOWNLOAD)

Это Cervus  и он один из жителей моего мира,знаком с Гумкой.
Я пока не особо разобралась с его биографией ._.

Итак,это более менее хорошо сделаная мной модель.
Физика ничего так.
It Cervus , and he is one of the residents of my world , familiar with Gumki .
I do not really deal with his biography ._.

So this is more or less well-designed home model .
Physics do so .

Base -…
Hair -…
Horns -…
Crown -…
Kimono -…
Hoof Boots -…
Ealf Ears -…

hair texture -…


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Вай,вай,я рада видеть тебя на своей страничке))

Меня зовут Наташа,я из России,Москвы))
Врят ли я найду тут русскоговоряших людей,но всё же,рада буду :З
Я занимаюсь косплеем,ну или просто накраситься.

Vay, Vay. You like my page, I am glad))

My name is Natasha, I from Russia, Moscow)
Whether I will be found by Russian-speaking people, but I am glad to all and all:З
I am engaged cosplya, and simply I like to draw on myself, to be engaged craft and to sew)
Title: "Remember?"
Chapter 1, ...
Author: Gumka (
Beta: Microsoft World
Fandom: Game-novel "My Candy Love"
Characters: Castiel \ Nathaniel, your character.
Rating: PG-13/NC-17
Genre: POV, Angst, Yaoi
Status: in
Disklamer: Characters drawn game, as stated above.
Warning: Can be environmental protection
From the author: I hope you enjoy. I welcome your comments. Your Gumka ^ ^


After several attempts to show him his place in this school, I almost got kicked out. The damn school, damn Nathaniel. I hate it, I hate the whole "school people." They can only talk about their problems to others, but they do not care for their problems, but at the same time begin to talk about their problems. It is a vicious circle never ends.
I sat on a bench in the school yard, as usual listening to the music, no one interfered. Looking up, I saw a girl, a brand new, recently appeared there.
-Again you skipped?
-You then what is it?
-Nathaniel asked to sign a statement about your absence. And I ...
-I will not sign anything! - I scared her their vote.
She left, but it was not long without it. Soon she came again and demanded the signature, but I did not sign. I am gladdened, when Nathaniel would see that he did not make it happen. And anyway, he can not come to me? Oh yes .. he hates me ..
I am devoted to my thoughts. Recalls last years of his life, I could not help remembering the first time I saw it on Natanielya.Nam 4 years, then he had long blond hair, at first I took it for a girl. And this stupid promise that he told me then. "When I grow up, I want you to be my husband." And his smile. Damn!

A new day, the girl again. I was not the mood and signed the damn paper. Later saw the smiling face of Nathaniel, he was glad of the signature. Hate.

Chapter 1.

Event went on as usual. After that, the instrument of my absence, that girl that won my signature, there was a fight. Honestly, I am pleased to hit Nathaniel on his face. So relish it that remembering now, I could not help smiling. When he got home, I threw the briefcase, turned on the computer and give the music. I am again convinced that this is the best, better than any drink, something else, all the things that helps you relax. The whole day and was so much that I was listening to music with her and fell asleep.
The next day did not bode nothing new. How did I have to go on the class and listen to boring comments on mind for their behavior by learning from teachers.
-Castiel, you think about your future. It is important for you to learn, not to me. I has finished his. Look at Nathaniel, what a good-malchik. said the teacher.
I usually keep quiet, but now, in this moment it infuriated me.
-Well, that and shut up! If he's such a good boy, take this to my husband and tumble days on the flight with him! - I picked up the briefcase, slamming the door with a bang, I left.
"Nathaniel is Nathaniel se .. sick .. bloody idiot ...". I was just sick of it. He is a coward who does not even personally come up to me.
On the reverse is the new girl came back, I found out her name, her name '. " Looking closer, I realized that she did. Simpotichnaya, funny ... She came again.
-What do you want?
-Nathaniel asked me to convey that ...-she hesitated.
-So ~ I vstal. Where is he now?-She ​​was afraid to see me, so I had to smile.
She blushed and lowered her head.
-He now went to the bathroom, to cranes least I got the job, I saw how he went to the other side.
-I-Spasibo. smiled again.
Damn, girls are predictable creatures, even funny. Nathaniel really was in the toilet when he had finished his business, I pulled him to the wall. A little bit, but I was up and could hang over him so that he looked me in the face just looking up. He did not expect.
-What's "so"?
-Not tired little girl to drive? Most can not go, m?-Here I just started talking, I'm standing too close to him, almost touching. He breathed, touched her breasts me.
-I have been busy ..
-Do not lie to me and? As usual you're afraid to approach me bastard, I barked.
-You do not dare to talk like the teachers!, He grew bolder.
It was funny to watch as he tries to drown me.
Moreover, you do not dare to talk about such things!
-About what?-I smiled.
-About that ... I'm sleeping with the teachers! This is not true!, He pressed harder for me, that without realizing it.
Yes, this whole school knows. Even that does not like to gossip. If this is true then prove it?, In my heart I was happy as a child, he blushes and can not answer. Anyway, I'm happy that he's in this situation.
-Let's prove it .. If it is not true - kiss me .. - stop "what" s my schego saying?
But he did not agree, I'm worried about. Yes, is not it?
If you calm down, then - yes, he was going to say "no," Well, come on, tell me - I'll do it.
Is he serious? I did not mean it so, spontaneously. Nathaniel But apparently decided that I was serious, he was drawn to me, hell, I do, why I got into a stupor? Dvina, Cass, push it! Slightly left to my lips, while slowed, at least for me. I do not think about anything, just looked it slowly approaching. When he kissed her, my heart beat faster. Fool, why am I doing this? His head broke his baby face and the words "I love you. You will be my husband. " I strongly embraced him ...
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